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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Be Unique at Scarlet Redz

Since they started in early August of this year, Scarlet Redz have been consistantly churning out great unique pieces at affordable prices.

They're simple, plain and unique, which scores extra points in my book. ;P

I've only discovered their store today, so here's what I have to say!

Let's have a look-see at the merchandise first...

Right, for starters, we have these three dresses that they call 'Sweeties', and indeed they are sweet. =)
In a previous article, I talked about how difficult it is to find good single piece imitations of two-piece ensembles, and here is another one.

This time around, they made use of elasticated waistbands and belt hoops, to give this piece not only a sure fit, but great versatility as you now also have the option to play with slim belts, as shown in the pictures.
Light ruffles on the top half of the waistband further give the illusion of separate pieces, which is a valuable detail to add, if not to give away the entire outfit.
They come in great colour combination's, and I'm guessing that the skirt ends with a bit of a bauble for additional volume.
The dresses are charged at RM43, but wait! They come with those lovely brown skinny belts as well!
Great for semi-formal occasions (or a first date!).

Drawstring Playsuits!
Overalls in light colours and materials, perfect for everyday wear.
Pair them with plain wifebeaters for a bit of a tomboy edge, or plain tee's for a more childlike appeal.
Another way to wear this would be on vacation with just your bikini underneath. Simple to wear and store without the hassle of carrying two pieces, and a great alternative to a dress.
Plus! They come in extra summer-y colours (Khaki, Bright Yellow, and Sunshine Yellow - Although they call one of them Mustard... I don't know which.)

They're on sale, too. RM40!

I personally like this piece because of their large, bold floral prints.
I keep seeing small floral prints, and I got bored, so this is fresh!
As usual, these types can be worn as skirts, dresses, long tops, or halters.
They're on sale (RM40), and only stocked with a few pieces.
The above dress is um...Green (looks blue to me?), and they also have them in Black and Red (A great hibiscus shade, too)
Another great vacation piece!

Sold out in all colours but blue!
A beautiful voluminous cotton skirt/dress with a great big bow on the waistband.
No wonder they're sold out!
Great if you're tired of seeing those scrunched up elasticated materials.
I really liked the nude-beige one.

A Rarity!
Wide legged shorts with suspenders and wooden buttons!?

All sold out!

Boo hoo!

Like, Seriously.

Don't you just love Vintage Outfits?

Like, Totally.


Like, Seriously.


But really, we're like, seriously loving their latest offerings.

Check it!

I love these basic dresses. They never fail to give you this classic elegant feel that I so admire.
And what a wonderful twist it is in orange coral!
The thing with basic pieces are that they're not very easy to come by. The ones in good cuts never come in good materials, and the ones with lasting materials, well, vice versa.

I love that Like, Seriously models their outfits in a casual manner, where we can actually see the outfit being WORN, and not just modeled.
this dress seems to hug in all the right places (Great cut), and because it's modeled sitting down, we can see that it doesn't ride up or squeeze your insides out... Good job!
It's also looks like it's made out of a thick cotton or linen material, though it does need a little ironing (Great material! And yes, i super-zoomed...).

Great dress.

The Off-white Sleeveless Long Cotton Summer Dress : For Minimalistic casual days out - so Cottage-in-the-woods-Chic!
I'm still half-expecting little furry forest animals to run at the model like they would in a Disney cartoon! =P
RM 49!

Oh I want this. I want this so bad.
the Blue Stripe Long Knit Top...for Only RM39!
But if I had the cash for it (yes, it's cheap, but I'm that broke...), I wouldn't even be reviewing it, because it'll be Mine! Allll mine!
Too bad. I do hope it goes to someone who will treat it well!

The Printed Long Cheongsam Top...
Looks like some cheong sam maker from ancient china ran out of materials and ended up snagging some through a time warp after being abducted by aliens to a materials store in the 60's!
Too much?
Just buy the really awesome looking dress.
(For an ancient alien handled time travelling dress!? No way!)

I love the cut on this one.
Note how it sits high on the waist yet cuts into a 'V' and pleates slightly after the bum to create volume (bum enhancer?)
If you look even closer, you'll notice that it has a waistband as well, and buttons on the upper half.
The stripes look blue, but it's described as being charcoal, and the material looks like a thick cotton.
Make this a statement piece. Don't miss out.
Man, I want this one too... =(

(All pictures were linked to the same post because it's under the same one! Sorry gals, but you'll have to scroll down to find the piece you were looking for.)

Was this a depressing post?
I think it was. Too many great goods...Too great a price... Too much air in the wallet...

Lacquer and Lace - Menswear!

We couldn't resist sharing this find!

Here's one of the best things about being female : Androgyny.

Why confine yourself only to womens clothes? Explore your options!

And here's a place to start : Lacquer and Lace's Menswear.

We fell in love when we saw these.
Why have them be wasted on the boys, when we can wear them that much better!

And I never got why girls had to buy 'Boyfriends Tees' for women... Yeesh!
It's a scam, I tell you...
Get out there and get the real deal
REAL shirts for men.
They look SO much better anyway!

(Click on the pictures to get linked!)

Sugar and Spice's Two Toned Dresses

I'm not usually one to vie for a one piece outfit trying to look like it's a two piece.
They're usually badly made, and the cuts never fit you.
Since the idea of it was to cut corners on the job, the materials never are up to standard, and well, it leaves you looking like a cheap mess.

On paper, however, the idea itself is pretty neat: A fashion forward ensemble for half the price.
Now the search begins for one of a decent quality.

Aaaand... Now the search ends.

I was thoroughly impressed with Sugar and Spice's Two Toned Dresses.
A corporate looking outfit that imitates a high waisted skirt and a sleeveless blouse with ample cleavage space, it hugs in the right places, it's of great quality and colour, and it comes in different materials and patterns.
Not just that, but the blue satin one (my favorite), is elegant and versatile enough to be a tube top AND a halter without looking like it's trying too hard, just by adjusting the ribbons in the front!

However, I would highly recommend that a waist clincher be put in place to hide the mid seam where the two materials meet.
But other than that,
Viola, a fashion forward outfit of quality, for the price of one.

Sugar and Spice!
Truly nice.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tailcoats at Sweet Innocence

Sweet Innocence is a new store that has barely over 10 items stocked at the moment.

Most of their items cater to girls who prefer a more feminine-cutesy look in pastel colours and soft materials. So if you're the sort, then this store would be one to keep an eye out for.

Thats not me.



Tailcoats? Yes, Tailcoats.

Looks like while everyone is slowly going through the 60's, they've decided to go ahead and jump straight into the 20's! Ingenious!

Now, a piece like this could really liven up any outfit. Be prepared to stand out in public places.
If you decide that you have the confidence (and courage) to carry this piece off, then I certainly would hope to see this in the streets.
Malaysia's street style is really lacking out there, and though the demand for quirky pieces is little, I think we could really use a breath of fresh air in the fashion scene, and I would recommend this to be the pioneer piece for all you one-off chics in vogue.

Although I don't completely agree on the ensemble that they decided to model it in, you don't necessarily have to put on a top hat and a cane to complement this piece. Heh.
Skinny jeans and a basic tank top should do the job, although if quirky is your thing, then a busy floral dress would do great to contrast the two.
Monocles are always fun, though. =P

Fits up to size 8(UK), made out of black satin, and has a pair of adjustable buckles on the sides for the perfect fit.

Such a statement for only RM65?
Shouldn't even have to consider.

Indeed these are... Absolutely.Irresistible!

The Reviewers presents : Absolutely.Irresistable with...

Square Linen Scarves in Checkers and Plaid!!!


What a fashion statement, true and honest. If you're going for a look a look with some edge, this is the way to go. Plaid and checkered scarves have been donning the necks of this generation of punkers and rockers, and emo shockers, so why don't you have one?

I personally am loving the rough edges that I feel, really change the entire look.
It's Principal to Punk.

Available in a VARIETY of colours, and going for only RM32 with promotions and discounts when you buy more.

Go get them.



A Short Note from The Raving Reviewer :

Here at The Reviewers, We try to write about items that aren't so easy to come by. We like the rare and the unique, and the eclectic that bring about a new aura of presence.

This is why we spend our time scouring through chat boxes to find the lesser known stores that stock up on these fashionable, but not mainstream, goodies.
Because of their hard work, great style sense, and dedication to bring you unique pieces, we'd like to see them grow and become top e-shops, and we believe that by exposing them in the form of good articles are the best way to do so.

We hope that you feel the same way, and choose to join our team of Reviewers by writing articles on anything to do with the Malaysian Online Shopping Scene, or simply by sticking with us.

So tell your mom, your dad, you neighbors, and your pet goldfish!
'Cos The Reviewers are here to stay, And We're Recruiting Writers!!!

Yours Truly,
The Raving Reviewer!

PinkGincu - Bring on the Funk!

Ladies, Fella's,

Pink Gincu.

The brand new funkified retro themed e-shop with spunk!
Pink Gincu hasn't been open for long, but by the looks of it, they're doing very well. Two sisters dedicated to bringing you Your fashion obsessions, but with a twist!

Forget Gladiator Wedges, go for heels instead!

Pink Gincu keeps them well stocked, but watch out, they're selling out quick. But luckily, they have sizes for all you less-petite footed gals out there.

One step ahead of the trend : You thought Jelly Glads were great?

Well you're gonna fall for these babies...
The Glam Glad.
The modern Gladiator with a gothic-punkesque feel worthy of a dominatrix or um... Just your everyday walk around the mall... WITH ATTITUDE!

We love 'em.
Going for only RM65, and available in larger sizes (woohoo!)

Not only that, but they also have a selection of Tee's from back in the day. Remember when you actually got to see this on TV?

Thanks to technology, we don't.
Thanks to PinkGincu, you can now WEAR it to reminisce.
Comes in White, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Right, so we've covered what they've covered from whats in trend now, to whats glam, and what's retro... Lets feed a little bit of your punk-rocking cravings, shall we?

They call them Hop to the Rock.
I suppose nothing says I'm-a-retro-punk-rocker-hip-hop-gangsta better than Cassette Tapes printed all over your hoodie in colours like Red, Pink, Blue and Yellow.

They're running out fast!

Not to worry, girly girls, Pink Gincu has your fashion obsessions too...
Been looking for Charm bracelets?

Or flirty ruffled tops like this?

Click Click Ca-ching!

(click on the pictures to get linked to PinkGincu's pages.)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Marshmallow's Great Style

We've stumbled across this great blog shop today, and we were surprised by their way of dressing!

At first glance, Marshmallow (formerly known as "It's a Girls Shop")comes off as yet another tacky dressy blog shop.
but upon closer inspection, we started to notice the quality in the clothes that they were offering, and indeed, Marshmallow is just the opposite.

Their cuts and materials are of better standard than the usual girly blogshops, and I certainly believe that their prices are worth paying for.
Plus, their way of putting together ensembles manages to ooze just the right amount of understated sex appeal with just the right amount of skin and cleavage.

Our final selling point was when we caught sight of these two different designs of pleated shorts that I personally believe should be a staple in every girls wardrobe, though it isn't very common to find, especially online, and of this quality.

So here's the verdict for Marshmallow :
Great Clothes, Great Style, and Great Quality.

Because of that, their clothes are often sold out, however they do give you the option of emailing them with the title "Restock" and they'll do just that.

Definitely a site to keep an eye out for.

We know we will.

The Raving Reviewer : Over and Out.

6T's Thingy's Vintage Galore

At first there were the Vintage Bags...
Then came the Vintage Dresses...
Then came Vintage hair pins... and Vintage Jewellery...
So Blah.

It's time for a change.

Oooh. I know.


Ai mama!
Need I say more?

6T's Thingy stocks up well on shoes Glorious shoes!
Leather Pumps and Loafers, all going for ONLY RM29!
And let me stress that again... ONLY 29-FRIGGIN-RINGGIT!!!
Size 5, ladies, so big-footed girls like me can only afford to oogle... Sigh.

They also have a great range of Vintage Bags, for you old schoolers who haven't had enough of them yet.

And Vintage Dresses, if you haven't got yours yet.

Oh! And Vintage Belts and Sunglasses, and More Bags, All Vintage Vintage Vintage!!!

6T's, The Reviewers now dubb's thee as the One Stop Vintage Shop!

We only question : "WHY HAVEN'T WE HEARD OF YOU BEFORE!?!?!!"

And as they would say,
Ready, Steady, GO!

(Click on the pictures to get linked to their shop. We've taken the trouble to link them all. Just watch out, they're sold out a lot.)

Warholica - Shoes!

We've been absolutely taken with this new blogshop called Warholica.

Other than the super-awesome name (sounds like it could be a superhero or a cocktail drink... or perhaps some sort of retail war cry...!), it also manages to host a variety of eclectic offerings going at very very reasonable prices.

Our only comment is that we'd love it even more if the photographs for Warholica were a little bit clearer!

The Brogue : Bids start at RM30


Go absolutely Agyness with these leather daddy's-shoes from Warholica!

I say Harvard Professor, you say Vintage Fashionista.

Wear it with cut-off's and suspenders to start rockin' the ultimate androgynous look.

Purrrr-fect for showing off those curvy ankles and chiseled calves.

Fits a size 6!

Gladiators again?

Well, we know how hard it is to find them, so here's another one, a more traditional offering, and indeed it is pre-loved, but it only makes it that much more affordable!

RM50 Inclusive of shipping from wonderful Warholica.

Grab 'em while you still can!

After all this, we can only conclude by giving it up for...

(Join us now...)


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Old Is Gold's Sally Jane Romper

Heels are for Strutting,
Bags are for Bragging,
and Push-up bra's are uplifting (in more ways than one!).

But Rompers, are NOT for romping around in.

Not this one, at least.

Old Is Gold's Sally Jane Romper is truly a piece worthy of the golden title.
In fact, the thought had just crossed my mind, that if you're not going to frame it up in your living room, you'd might as well wear it as a flirty summer dress from another era.

...Or was that already your intention...?

Ah, well this rare piece is the first of it's kind to be stumbled across on a local site, and I love it so much, let me count thee ways...

1. It is wonderfully put together in a thick silken material that will give you enough of a glow to make JLo's perfume range jealous.

2. A Buckle in the back makes sure it fits in all the right places (and accentuates all the others!).

3. With dainty little aged daisies all over it for a flirty, feminine edge, need I say any more? Hurry... Bids are on the rise...!