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Thursday, October 30, 2008

LittleButtonX's Review!

Here's a little review sent in a little while ago from a store called LittleButtonX.
They have an adorable range of clothing revolving around a main theme : Buttons!
That was then, but they've quickly diversified their range of available apparel to even include a couple of bags, clutches, clinchers, fish-nets and even lingerie!
Do check them out, but enough said here, read their review!


"LittleButtonX Button up, button down, button me all the way!!
It's the official launching of
LittleButtonX ladies. We've starting off with our very most favourite button detail dresses. We love buttons so if u think u love buttons, WE LOVE YOU!! :) Come n support us!

Heya people,
My partner and me are students who met abroad who then grew to find out that we have the same kind of taste for fashion. After graduating and returning to Malaysia, we found it hard to get nice suitable clothing at an affordable price of our liking in malls.
This is till we came about a supplier who gets clothes which gives us what we want! Now, we would like to share with the rest of you out there what we have found.
We hope to spread our taste of fashion to as many fashionista's out there as possible.

As we started, we cracked our head thinking of names that can represent us...
from 'fashionaddictx' to 'littlewonders' to 'whatgirlswant', we finally settled down with LITTLE BUTTONX.

After looking over our blog's name, we were wondering how on earth buttons came about...?
Easy!!! We realised that we have always be fans of buttons! Button details on collars, sleeves....wherever it is..
We would like to share button detailed goodies with the rest of the world!
On top of that, items that we choose, (WE THINK) are more look-alikes of certain big-stores which charge way way higher prices. Furthermore, our items will not only be a range of buttons but also other goodies that we think are special. Hop over and button us up as your favourite today yeah?"

Check them out! Click -: LittleButtonX
And remember, you can send in your reviews too!
Just email them over to!

Declared Chic : EkaNashwa!

Hi all!

In our last post, we spoke about the awesome site of Chictopia where fashionista's come together to show off their personal style with the world. We managed to get some feedback and have decided to showcase our new favorite Malaysian Fashionista, EkaNazhwa!

On top of being a fantastic dresser, she also utilizes the available shopping blogs online to get her sartorial skills in action. Some that she's mentioned are Velvet Ribbon, Dainty Dresser, and Gossips Boutique(Fantastic Site)!

Do check her out!

P.S : Sorry for the lack of updates on the site as we're constantly busy with new projects and assignments. As a reminder, The Reviewers are a Collective Online Review site, and we really want to hear from you!
Blog shops that would like to be reviewed can always send in their promotional banners, and customers who would like to share an awesome buy or a great store can always email in to and we'll totally put your stuff up!
Just remember to read the Reviewing Guidelines before you start sending in those posts!

We want to hear from YOU!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Letter From Us : Ever heard of...?

Hi all, The Raving Reviewer here.

The hunger for vintage is still burning, and more and more stores are mushrooming around the online shopping blogosphere to feed it.

But do you ever get bored of seeing them worn in the same way?

Just recently, I stumbled across a little site that Teen Vogue has dubbed "The Next Big Thing...!". - The People's Fashion Destination.

This is a really great platform where people from all over the world come together to share their individual style with the world! And you can find some really awesome style over there. It's been keeping me very occupied and extremely inspired for the past few days, and I hope that in sharing this, it'll do the same for you!

It's better than street style blogs because you can actually follow different individuals on their style journey and how they manage to make use of the same items over and over again to create a hundred and one different new looks. Most of them are on a student budget, and I think that will appeal to most of our online shopping community, since most of us have that in common.

You can even search the Chictopian Community by people who share the same body type/interests/skin colour as yourself!

Right now, I'd like to encourage the readers of The Reviewers to try your hand at playing dress-up, and finding and creating your individual looks according to your own personalities! Be as outrageous and as daring as you want to, and show us!

I've looked around, and so far, the Malaysian population of Chictopians are lacking, and I know we've got some awesome fashionista's out there, so why don't we share our style with the world and help establish Malaysia's local style scene?

So if you just started a Chictopia blog, or already have one, share it with us so that we can start supporting one another's style identity!

Here are some of my personal favourites on Chictopia, as well as's Style Contest 1st Runner Up, Tati, who also happens to be on Chictopia!

... LikeTati ... ClassyTrash ... Wendy ... SwankHeights ... Lulu ... Michelle Yue ... AjeeForest ... ToutLaMode ...

Also, if you have some, share your favourite Chictopians with us!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A'XTEQS Amore!

Here's a quick post on A'XTEQS, one of our favourite stores to watch!

They offer vintage apparel that drape, cling, and enhance bodies from small sizes to plus sizes, and are the only vintage blog shop I've seen so far that really cater to plus sizes.

I hope to do a post on Plus Size Fashion soon, so all you plus sizers and plus size shops, do send me an email at

Now here are some thumbnail shots of A'XTEQS outfits.
Click on them to get redirected to their site!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

White Lace and Promising Promises!

Hellooo everyone!

Check out this mother-daughter dynamic duo that scour the many thrift shops, determined to bring you vintage pieces that pop, with tiny price tags to boot!

Mother-Daughter duo... I know, WOW.
They make an awesome team since their store's opening only a month ago!

Welcome to the world of White Lace and Promises!
Every piece tells an individual tale, and they bring out some bright and striking prints that you wouldn't find at any other vintage store! White Lace and Promises are definitely a store to keep an eye on, as they're quickly becoming one of the better shops to watch!

And, like every other great shop, they're sold out fast, so make sure those clickers get to them even faster!

Here are our faves!

If you're the type who drools over vintage, but can't help but go "Eww" at the fact that it's been modeled in the sun and sweat, don't sweat it (Eheheh...=_=")!
If you look closely, most of the clothes at WL&P are actually held on!
Who would have guessed it? And it's so well done, it's barely even noticeable.

Check out some of their awesome prints!

So, great apparel, at great prices, and with consistent updates... What more could you ask for?


Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Kome Back with Kocek!

Dear all, The Raving Reviewer here...

We've been away, Oh!

Sorry for the long wait, we really should have said a little something to ya'll, but now we're back, charged up and inspired for a new load of reviews!

Frankly, we've been down in the dumps these past few weeks, totally bummed out by the lack retailspiration (Retail + Inspiration, get it? =P). It seems that there's a new shop starting up every. single. day now, covering everything from regular apparel, to special markets, to stationery and cupcakes, Whoa!

But alas, quality is hard to find out there, and more shops don't always mean better shops.

There are however, a special few that's caught our eye this past two weeks, and we'll be reporting on every one of them very soon, so keep your eyes peeled, your fingers clicking, and your servers locked on to The Reviewers, 'cos we're back baby, Yeah! [-_-"]

One of them, is Kocek Clothing, specializing in Menswear, and a newbie since it's opening in September.

Now girls, you want your man to buy that little something you've been eyeing online don't you? But they're a little skeptical about the whole online tish-tosh and would rather spend on you for something a little more 'secure', yea?

Well, all they need really, is a push in the right direction to understand and experience online shopping a little more by indulging in a little vanity of their own!
Let us let you entice them with a couple of well designed fuctional pieces to meet their retail requirements a la Kocek Clothing!

And now, here are our Faves!
Click on the pictures!

Preppy Striped Cardi's in Purple, Green, Black and Brown!
Smarten any outfit with these manly must haves!

Printed and Statement Tee's, for casual days out or in!

Suh-weeet Sweaters for the edgy epitome of cool.

And alas, a great range of classic button-downs for work and play.

Coolio, Julio!
Kocek clothing has got ya'll covered... Literally!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

- Like, Owh. Mhye. Gawsh. -

You can't help but stare in awe at the stuff offered at Lacquer and Lace!
This is our second post about them, and they've grown very much since we've seen them last, and we're still having trouble keeping our jaws from dropping as we keep scrolling!

From their rad mod bags to their outstanding cape tops, Lacquer and Lace piles everything else in between including luxurious patent platforms and our new favourites : The Nox and The Vox - Slick and Shiny leggings for some glistening and glaring new glamour on your travellers.
Not to mention those brand new to-die-for Peter Pan-esque Ankle boots that they've so affectionately named The Genevieve.


And if that isn't enough, they're all presented on a sleek layout combined with awesome photog work and fantsamerastic write ups!

And now...
Ladies and gents, The Visuals and Linkage!

The new in : The Genevieve!

The Vox and The Nox.

Ella : Halter Rompers - Sold out!
Alexandra : Triple tiered tunics!

The Kate(s)
I love love lurve the entire outfit here. Binnie is Gorgeous!

The Marilyn.


Belle - Available in Black and Grey for RM59/SG26!

And finally, a little update from the previous checked man-shirts that are now colour filled and fantabulous, as usual.
We're leaning towards The Lumberjack, as shown above.


It's luxury, quality and true style that keep them ahead of the bunch.
I think I've just found my new favourite store!

I'm now going to mope in my room because I overstepped my shopping limit this month and I can't decide which item I want so badly that I may just buy out the entire store.
If it isn't already bought out, that is.
And at the rate it's been going, I'm probably have to wait for next month's newbies!
Even if that happens, I know Lacquer and Lace won't disappoint.

This Sh*t is Banana's, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

"Clothes that make you go BANANAS!"

And bananas we are indeedeedoo!

The Bouncing Bananas, dudes and dudettes.

They're a jack of all trades in their arena, selling everything from dresses to awesome print tee's, scarves, pixellates and souped up shutter shades!

Our faves?

Looks like pixellates are here to stay! We know we love them, and you do too!
How can you not with the variety of colours and designs to choose from, handmade with love, and they're even customizable!
The Bouncing Bananas, however, bring something new to the table!
3D Pixellates! Now why didn't I think of that earlier?!
These are available on their sister project, Dwotties! Click on the link or the pictures to get there!

Printed Tee's, Oh!
How'd they know I can't resist Marvin?
For RM25, neither can you! And it's no surprise that they're...Yup, you guessed it.
All Sold Out!

Blinded Shutters, aka. Shutter Shades in new colours!
Non restockable going for RM25!

A simple yet extremely versatile piece that can be worn as a sleeveless or strappy dress, or even a high waisted skirt. It's got pockets, and it's smocked behind for a great fit. Wear it under or over other tops, a crucial asset if layering is your thing!
Available in Blue, Black, Green (!) and White.
All out, but I'm sure they'll restock quick if you ask pwetty pwease!

Simple lacy tops and Clutches too!

More great dresses, but all sold out! So make sure you stay tuned to The Bouncing Bananas for their bouncing updates that sure to make you go bananas!

P.S : We're having trouble getting to the individual item posts, so we linked ya'll to the main page in every picture. Scroll all the way down to look for what you like, and maybe even find an item or two that's hopefully restockable in the process!