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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Reviewing Guidelines :

The Ranting Reviewer here,

At The Reviewers, we want to hear your say about online shopping in Malaysia. However, we'd like to avoid unnecessary spammer articles by making sure that you follow a couple of guidelines when making a review. We'll also review your review and edit any mistakes that you might've made, and place you as one of our very own Reviewers!

P.S - Those who blatantly choose not to follow the guidelines will not have their articals published. But you can always try again. =)


So here are a couple of guidelines to follow when reviewing :

- Be Sincere and Original. No stolen articles, please.

- Do not spam, Keep your writing casual and talk like you would to a friend instead of an advertorial.

- dO nOT taLK lYYke Dis coZ NoBodY cAN uNderStaNd yOu. (Phew, that was hard...)

- Try as best you can to write in English. American or British spellings, we don't mind. We'd like everyone to give it a shot, so if your english isn't so good, then make a note, and we'll try to edit out whatever mistakes you've made. But if your article follows the other guidelines, it will definitely be published.

- Spell your words properly, and no short forms, please. One or two is acceptable and we'll edit them when we review, but please look over your article before submission.


- Punctuation is awesome, but please keep your exclamations to a minimal.

- Don't curse. Keep your writing clean.

- Make use of spaces in your paragraphs, so it's not too cluttered. Makes reading easier and more pleasing.

- Try to write in a decent amount of words. One paragraph or two would be the minimal.

- Try to include pictures and colours in your articles to make them more interesting. Keep them in check though. If you'd like more pictures, make them small so they won't distract away from the rest of the article.

- Have fun in your writing. You're not writing to the president! Keep it casual and comfortable, but most importantly, Have Fun!


We also do reviews on our own free will when we find a shop that truly catches our eye.
If you're interested in having us review your store, you can write in to us and request it with your shop's URL. We will decide whether or not to review it if it really impresses us because we like our articles to be genuine. =)

However, you can always write your OWN reviews in the form of informative articles, and we'll put them on the site, provided they follow the reviewing guidelines, as seen above.
We'll edit and publish your articles as long as they're up to standard.

Cheers! And happy reviewing!

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