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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

White Lace and Promising Promises!

Hellooo everyone!

Check out this mother-daughter dynamic duo that scour the many thrift shops, determined to bring you vintage pieces that pop, with tiny price tags to boot!

Mother-Daughter duo... I know, WOW.
They make an awesome team since their store's opening only a month ago!

Welcome to the world of White Lace and Promises!
Every piece tells an individual tale, and they bring out some bright and striking prints that you wouldn't find at any other vintage store! White Lace and Promises are definitely a store to keep an eye on, as they're quickly becoming one of the better shops to watch!

And, like every other great shop, they're sold out fast, so make sure those clickers get to them even faster!

Here are our faves!

If you're the type who drools over vintage, but can't help but go "Eww" at the fact that it's been modeled in the sun and sweat, don't sweat it (Eheheh...=_=")!
If you look closely, most of the clothes at WL&P are actually held on!
Who would have guessed it? And it's so well done, it's barely even noticeable.

Check out some of their awesome prints!

So, great apparel, at great prices, and with consistent updates... What more could you ask for?