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Sunday, September 21, 2008

- Like, Owh. Mhye. Gawsh. -

You can't help but stare in awe at the stuff offered at Lacquer and Lace!
This is our second post about them, and they've grown very much since we've seen them last, and we're still having trouble keeping our jaws from dropping as we keep scrolling!

From their rad mod bags to their outstanding cape tops, Lacquer and Lace piles everything else in between including luxurious patent platforms and our new favourites : The Nox and The Vox - Slick and Shiny leggings for some glistening and glaring new glamour on your travellers.
Not to mention those brand new to-die-for Peter Pan-esque Ankle boots that they've so affectionately named The Genevieve.


And if that isn't enough, they're all presented on a sleek layout combined with awesome photog work and fantsamerastic write ups!

And now...
Ladies and gents, The Visuals and Linkage!

The new in : The Genevieve!

The Vox and The Nox.

Ella : Halter Rompers - Sold out!
Alexandra : Triple tiered tunics!

The Kate(s)
I love love lurve the entire outfit here. Binnie is Gorgeous!

The Marilyn.


Belle - Available in Black and Grey for RM59/SG26!

And finally, a little update from the previous checked man-shirts that are now colour filled and fantabulous, as usual.
We're leaning towards The Lumberjack, as shown above.


It's luxury, quality and true style that keep them ahead of the bunch.
I think I've just found my new favourite store!

I'm now going to mope in my room because I overstepped my shopping limit this month and I can't decide which item I want so badly that I may just buy out the entire store.
If it isn't already bought out, that is.
And at the rate it's been going, I'm probably have to wait for next month's newbies!
Even if that happens, I know Lacquer and Lace won't disappoint.

This Sh*t is Banana's, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

"Clothes that make you go BANANAS!"

And bananas we are indeedeedoo!

The Bouncing Bananas, dudes and dudettes.

They're a jack of all trades in their arena, selling everything from dresses to awesome print tee's, scarves, pixellates and souped up shutter shades!

Our faves?

Looks like pixellates are here to stay! We know we love them, and you do too!
How can you not with the variety of colours and designs to choose from, handmade with love, and they're even customizable!
The Bouncing Bananas, however, bring something new to the table!
3D Pixellates! Now why didn't I think of that earlier?!
These are available on their sister project, Dwotties! Click on the link or the pictures to get there!

Printed Tee's, Oh!
How'd they know I can't resist Marvin?
For RM25, neither can you! And it's no surprise that they're...Yup, you guessed it.
All Sold Out!

Blinded Shutters, aka. Shutter Shades in new colours!
Non restockable going for RM25!

A simple yet extremely versatile piece that can be worn as a sleeveless or strappy dress, or even a high waisted skirt. It's got pockets, and it's smocked behind for a great fit. Wear it under or over other tops, a crucial asset if layering is your thing!
Available in Blue, Black, Green (!) and White.
All out, but I'm sure they'll restock quick if you ask pwetty pwease!

Simple lacy tops and Clutches too!

More great dresses, but all sold out! So make sure you stay tuned to The Bouncing Bananas for their bouncing updates that sure to make you go bananas!

P.S : We're having trouble getting to the individual item posts, so we linked ya'll to the main page in every picture. Scroll all the way down to look for what you like, and maybe even find an item or two that's hopefully restockable in the process!

Friday, September 19, 2008

E-Shop Police?

Hey all, The Raving Reviewer here (I sound like Gossip Girl, no?).

A little something was brought up in my inbox a couple of days back about an irresponsible shop and it's dealings. It seems that it was also sent out to various other Blog Directory and review sites, but I don't know if they've mentioned it just yet.

Here's the e-mail that was sent out :

I just want to share with you an experience pre-ordering from:
A shop blog called Her Avenue.

I pre-ordered a cardigan from Her Avenue 2-3 months ago.
I paid a total sum of RM54 inclusive of postage.

She posted saying there was a problem with the pre-order and promised to refund me my money.
That was 2-3 months ago as well.

Until now, She still have not refunded me after me giving so many calls and emails.
I even tracked down and called her husband and her co-worker.

Her site stated that she went overseas at August 7th.
That is a lie.
The husband informed me that she only went outstation (To PD) 2 weeks ago.
Meaning, she ignored all my messages and emails for the past 2-3 months.
The husband is now avoiding my calls.

I was being level head, sensible and patient.
Gave her time, kind and tried to understand her so called position and I get this kind of treatment.

She ran away with my RM54.00.
I write this article to inform everyone to not make a transaction with that shop blog as the owner is irresponsible an unethical.

Regards, Simple."

We don't know how true the above email is, but if it is, How unethical! Although it is a little creepy that 'Simple' ended up tracking down the shop owner's husband and co-worker, I don't know if I'd be doing anything differently if I were in her position. RM54 is not a lot of money in the business sense, but it's definitely a hole in your pocket if you're the one taking it out. Especially since most of the online community here in Malaysia is mainly made out of fashionista's on a student budget.

So, what can one honestly do when you're faced with an online scam? Well, you could do what 'Simple' did and circulate emails to warn others of the store that preyed on your pocket, but then again, I personally wouldn't like receiving angry emails all the time. And besides, how true can they be? It could just as easily be a jealous hater who wants to put a shop out of business.

So our solution is to follow the simple belief that prevention truly is better than cure. Especially when your dough is at stake.

Here's The Reviewers Top 8 ways to prevent being scammed online :

1. Make sure you know exactly what you're paying for.
Clear pictures and detail shots are a definite must have when it comes to online shopping, because even if you receive the item on time, it may not be in the tip-top shape that you had in mind, so make sure everything is crystal clear between you and your seller.

2. Choose bigger, or more well known shops with a reputation.
Stores that have been running longer with returning customers have a much much lower chance of scamming you since they really know their stuff, and obviously a lot of people keep coming back for a reason.

3. Take note of a shop's character.
Shops who take the effort to create an ambience aesthetically with their layouts and photographs, as well as do great write up's on their products, show that they are passionate about what they do, and are much less inclined to cheat you of your money.

4. Ask questions.
Talk to the seller and see what they're like. If they're open, friendly and inviting, you'll feel much more at home. What's more, good sellers often give you their contact details in case you need to contact them faster, and when that trust is built, the risk of loosing your money in reality is lowered by a large percentage. In the case of 'Simple', at least she got to call and ask, although it's strange how a online scammer would be so willing to provide their personal details when they are so blatantly dishonest.

5. Always opt for safe postage options.
Never allow your purchases to be anything short of Registered Mail, where your parcel's tracking number should be provided when the seller sends it off so that you can check out your item's location as it makes it's way to you. This also helps to prevent purchases being lost in the mail. For safer options, you can choose more expensive postage options like Pos Laju where it'll require your signature and identity on delivery so you know it exactly when it arrives, and who it arrives to.

6. Make sure you follow a shop's rules and regulations!
Most shops have a list of Terms and Conditions that you must meet in order for them to agree to do business with you. It's tough on the buyer to have to go through all this, but it's tough on the seller too sometimes, because they've often had their fair share of irresponsible buyers! If you've purchased once or twice off local blog shops online, or have visited a few in your own time, you'll get the hang of it, since most shops share similar T&C anyway. But always be sure to check, especially their reservation rules, and backout options.

7. Be a responsible buyer as well.
If you've not been honest and on time in payment before, some shops will go to the extent of blacklisting you. This IS a scam sometimes because of miscommunications between seller and buyer, and as a result, the buyers will have to pay the penalty of never being able to purchase online again. These are rare and sad cases, as pissed off sellers can get pretty mean from their frustrated experiences with other irresponsible buyers. I've actually come across a local site that somehow managed to get hold of their pictures and even went the length to paste a big "BAD BUYER" sign on their foreheads. I think that's a bit much. Personal space should never be invaded like that, especially when used in non-supportive senses.

8. Check out the site's feedback rankings.
Sites like have added feedback pages for local sites to be a part of. So far, that's the only one I know of, and it's a great way to check the history of those sites. Most have very good feedbacks, but like the scam warning emails, you never know who's true and who's falsely accusing. But it's a good way to check, although you should also be cautious and take the other precautionary steps in the process.

I hope this will help all shoppers and potential online shoppers in the future.

Do remember that no matter what, every purchase you make is a definite risk, because there are so many elements to be considered when buying online. From the product's availability to purchases lost in the mail, even in real life sometimes we can be conned into buying unnecessary items or products that don't deliver what they promised.

But it's always good to be weary of the risks involved as well as to be open to solve any problems that arises. Don't be quick to hate on shops if accidents happen, be sure to let the owners know, and keep communications open. If a shop provides refunds, make use of them. Certain shops may not, but they may provide you with discounts, free items or replacements to make up for it. Discuss what went wrong with your seller before you decide to make a report on them. They're human too, so give them a chance to explain. =)


I just though of an idea : An E-Shop Police. 
What do you think? 
A site that will approve/disapprove of stores according to a certain set of rules and/or feedback pages. A site that has the authority to ban or circulate good and bad lists of shops in the neighborhood. Review sites do that sometimes, but to a certain extent. I have come across a site before like that, but for sellers only, to report bad buyers. I don't quite remember the URL, but it'll be good to check that out too.
A site called "Business Better Bureau" aka. does this in the U.S. Should we have something like this in Malaysia? Should it be free to encourage more sites to be a part of it rather than deterring them with payment schemes?

Let me know your thoughts on the matter! =)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Haha, we only named it such because it sounded cool.

It doesn't?

Well nevermind.

We think Wears and What Not's latest offerings are!

Mademoiselles, meet The Senorita!
A multi-functional, multi-leveled, multi coloured wonder!

Wear it as a low waist skirt!

Or, a High Waist Skirt!
(And notice that the elasticated section is slimmer than the others around, so you can easily conceal it with a wide waist clincher!)

Or even a Dress!
This one makes me laugh. It looks like what Jerry Seinfeld wore whilst promoting The Bee Movie... Teehee. >_<

I like their colour combination's, too.

And check out what else they've got :

The Pashi Cardi!

It's cool, casual, and comfortable.
It's simple, yet sophisticated, and that all depends on what you pair it with.
It's going for RM45, and it's restockable!

The Multi-way Halter!
I like this very much.
The cut says posh, but the material says casual-comfy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blossom is Blooming again soon!

*Pant pant*

We just...

Had to tell you...

That one of our favorite stores...


Old Blossom Box...

Will be...



Juuuust in case we missed out again!

(And thanks Jezmine for that sweet post on us. ^_^)

Phasebook : The New Facebook!

Haha, or so we hope!

What an ingenious site!


And with a great tagline to match : "Preloved <-> Reloved"!

They sell Preloved clothes for the more curvaceous ones, lead by Ally, the founder and owner of the site.

They have such adorable illustrations as well, go to the site and scroll down to see their version of 'how to order', bunny style!

Get on Phasebook, Ladies and Gents!

Wood + Tooth & Bone

" Jewelry and Such. "

Friggin' GORGEOUS Jewelry and such, if you ask me!

Wood + Tooth & Bone is a delight to anyone who's a fan beautiful things.

From absolutely breathtaking photography, great presentation, and wonderful write-up's, this store has got you covered.

Now, they stock absolute gems from around the world. From Thailand to Russia, Mexico and Iran, their intricate pieces are the stuff of family heirlooms.
Just take a look at their striking silver pieces and Swarovski pendents :

Here are some necklaces and other pieces from their collection, all presented to you in a classic packaging :

Now, price-wise, I don't know if the crowd reading this review site is at all used to paying above RM60 on their online purchases ('cept for that to-die-for maxi, or the ever-rare gladiator), but I think as far as the entire site of Wood + Tooth & Bone goes, you know that you're paying for absolute luxuries of the highest possible quality.

There is a crowd out there who wouldn't mind the price tag, and this I say to them :
As much as I'd love to promote their site by telling you to go out and buy them out, I'd much rather you wait, and be sure that you'd appreciate the piece that you decide on, and take your time to be sure that you'd absolutely regret it for your entire lifetime if you didn't have it in your possession... Then go get it. =)

Because the one thing that I absolutely can't stand more than bad shops, are good shops that people can't appreciate.

So in the end, I really hope that these great pieces find their way into good hands that will last them a few generations down the road.


Nick-Nacks and Trinkets

For all you lovers of cute, here's a new site to check out :

My Kedai Runcit.

They were selling clothes since their opening, but now, they provide a little something for the squealers over all things soft and squishy. =)

From fruits, to pastries and little smiley teeth, My Kedai Runcit has got the cuteness covered with the option of turning them into keychains, brooches, or necklace pendents (coming soon!)!

Perhaps this could be the new trend over pixellated accessories?
We'll see.


Another little new store is "When-What-How-Who-Where".

Usually, I'm a sucker for high quality presentation with all the fancy layouts and edited photo's(who isn't?), and I get easily bored with default templates and grainy/blurry/overflashed photography.

Looking at this store, I didn't think that it would have interested me much, but it was the items for sale that caught my attention. They have some interesting thrifted vintage bags for sale, and a couple of outfits as well.
I reckon with a simpler template, and some photo's under natural light, this store's sales will start booming in no time.

When-What-How-Who-Where carries some interesting shapes and textures in their clothing.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Positively Printalicious!

In our review hunt, we've come across a couple of sites retailing awesome prints, from hoodies to shirts and cute totes. Here's The Reviewer's Top 5 Positively Printalicious Prints for September!

CherryJunk grabs the number one spot on our Printalicious Prints for September with their Printalicious Totes and mini-purses! Bottom right is a small selection of printed tee's retailing at RM15 for One, and RM25 for BOTH!

Ancient Orchids grabs first runner up with this eclectic tee by Agnes B! RM34!
And if that's not enough, you can get the rich velvet indie themed paisley printed mini-dress for just RM39!

Number Three goes to Favourite Boutique with their awesome cartoony printed hoodies in dual tones!

Funk Shop Fifty Five's skull and checked/houndstooth scarves! We did a post earlier on a shop selling skull scarves, but they were all out. Good news, Funk Shop Fifty Five is well stocked! For ONLY RM 15!!!
But not for long...!

And finally, Champagne Pastel wins the final vote for this edition of Printalicious Prints with their interestingly oh-so-bohemian flowy tube top. Retailing at RM35!


Well, that about wraps it up for this month. If you think your prints are Printalicious enough to be featured in October's Printalicious Prints Review, drop us an email, and we'll have a look-see!

The Raving Reviewer!