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Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Kome Back with Kocek!

Dear all, The Raving Reviewer here...

We've been away, Oh!

Sorry for the long wait, we really should have said a little something to ya'll, but now we're back, charged up and inspired for a new load of reviews!

Frankly, we've been down in the dumps these past few weeks, totally bummed out by the lack retailspiration (Retail + Inspiration, get it? =P). It seems that there's a new shop starting up every. single. day now, covering everything from regular apparel, to special markets, to stationery and cupcakes, Whoa!

But alas, quality is hard to find out there, and more shops don't always mean better shops.

There are however, a special few that's caught our eye this past two weeks, and we'll be reporting on every one of them very soon, so keep your eyes peeled, your fingers clicking, and your servers locked on to The Reviewers, 'cos we're back baby, Yeah! [-_-"]

One of them, is Kocek Clothing, specializing in Menswear, and a newbie since it's opening in September.

Now girls, you want your man to buy that little something you've been eyeing online don't you? But they're a little skeptical about the whole online tish-tosh and would rather spend on you for something a little more 'secure', yea?

Well, all they need really, is a push in the right direction to understand and experience online shopping a little more by indulging in a little vanity of their own!
Let us let you entice them with a couple of well designed fuctional pieces to meet their retail requirements a la Kocek Clothing!

And now, here are our Faves!
Click on the pictures!

Preppy Striped Cardi's in Purple, Green, Black and Brown!
Smarten any outfit with these manly must haves!

Printed and Statement Tee's, for casual days out or in!

Suh-weeet Sweaters for the edgy epitome of cool.

And alas, a great range of classic button-downs for work and play.

Coolio, Julio!
Kocek clothing has got ya'll covered... Literally!

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