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Sunday, September 21, 2008

- Like, Owh. Mhye. Gawsh. -

You can't help but stare in awe at the stuff offered at Lacquer and Lace!
This is our second post about them, and they've grown very much since we've seen them last, and we're still having trouble keeping our jaws from dropping as we keep scrolling!

From their rad mod bags to their outstanding cape tops, Lacquer and Lace piles everything else in between including luxurious patent platforms and our new favourites : The Nox and The Vox - Slick and Shiny leggings for some glistening and glaring new glamour on your travellers.
Not to mention those brand new to-die-for Peter Pan-esque Ankle boots that they've so affectionately named The Genevieve.


And if that isn't enough, they're all presented on a sleek layout combined with awesome photog work and fantsamerastic write ups!

And now...
Ladies and gents, The Visuals and Linkage!

The new in : The Genevieve!

The Vox and The Nox.

Ella : Halter Rompers - Sold out!
Alexandra : Triple tiered tunics!

The Kate(s)
I love love lurve the entire outfit here. Binnie is Gorgeous!

The Marilyn.


Belle - Available in Black and Grey for RM59/SG26!

And finally, a little update from the previous checked man-shirts that are now colour filled and fantabulous, as usual.
We're leaning towards The Lumberjack, as shown above.


It's luxury, quality and true style that keep them ahead of the bunch.
I think I've just found my new favourite store!

I'm now going to mope in my room because I overstepped my shopping limit this month and I can't decide which item I want so badly that I may just buy out the entire store.
If it isn't already bought out, that is.
And at the rate it's been going, I'm probably have to wait for next month's newbies!
Even if that happens, I know Lacquer and Lace won't disappoint.