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Friday, August 29, 2008

6T's Thingy's Vintage Galore

At first there were the Vintage Bags...
Then came the Vintage Dresses...
Then came Vintage hair pins... and Vintage Jewellery...
So Blah.

It's time for a change.

Oooh. I know.


Ai mama!
Need I say more?

6T's Thingy stocks up well on shoes Glorious shoes!
Leather Pumps and Loafers, all going for ONLY RM29!
And let me stress that again... ONLY 29-FRIGGIN-RINGGIT!!!
Size 5, ladies, so big-footed girls like me can only afford to oogle... Sigh.

They also have a great range of Vintage Bags, for you old schoolers who haven't had enough of them yet.

And Vintage Dresses, if you haven't got yours yet.

Oh! And Vintage Belts and Sunglasses, and More Bags, All Vintage Vintage Vintage!!!

6T's, The Reviewers now dubb's thee as the One Stop Vintage Shop!

We only question : "WHY HAVEN'T WE HEARD OF YOU BEFORE!?!?!!"

And as they would say,
Ready, Steady, GO!

(Click on the pictures to get linked to their shop. We've taken the trouble to link them all. Just watch out, they're sold out a lot.)

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