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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Old Is Gold's Sally Jane Romper

Heels are for Strutting,
Bags are for Bragging,
and Push-up bra's are uplifting (in more ways than one!).

But Rompers, are NOT for romping around in.

Not this one, at least.

Old Is Gold's Sally Jane Romper is truly a piece worthy of the golden title.
In fact, the thought had just crossed my mind, that if you're not going to frame it up in your living room, you'd might as well wear it as a flirty summer dress from another era.

...Or was that already your intention...?

Ah, well this rare piece is the first of it's kind to be stumbled across on a local site, and I love it so much, let me count thee ways...

1. It is wonderfully put together in a thick silken material that will give you enough of a glow to make JLo's perfume range jealous.

2. A Buckle in the back makes sure it fits in all the right places (and accentuates all the others!).

3. With dainty little aged daisies all over it for a flirty, feminine edge, need I say any more? Hurry... Bids are on the rise...!

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