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Friday, August 29, 2008

Marshmallow's Great Style

We've stumbled across this great blog shop today, and we were surprised by their way of dressing!

At first glance, Marshmallow (formerly known as "It's a Girls Shop")comes off as yet another tacky dressy blog shop.
but upon closer inspection, we started to notice the quality in the clothes that they were offering, and indeed, Marshmallow is just the opposite.

Their cuts and materials are of better standard than the usual girly blogshops, and I certainly believe that their prices are worth paying for.
Plus, their way of putting together ensembles manages to ooze just the right amount of understated sex appeal with just the right amount of skin and cleavage.

Our final selling point was when we caught sight of these two different designs of pleated shorts that I personally believe should be a staple in every girls wardrobe, though it isn't very common to find, especially online, and of this quality.

So here's the verdict for Marshmallow :
Great Clothes, Great Style, and Great Quality.

Because of that, their clothes are often sold out, however they do give you the option of emailing them with the title "Restock" and they'll do just that.

Definitely a site to keep an eye out for.

We know we will.

The Raving Reviewer : Over and Out.

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