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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vintage Auction's First Collection!

Here's a secret : (Shh... Promise you won't tell?) We Looooove Vintage Goods.

And guess what?

Our prayers have been answered, because we keep seeing new Vintage Shops sprouting up amongst the rest like magic mushrooms from wonderland.

Here's another one :

Opened today, just like The Reviewers, is Vintage Auction!
Auctioning Vintage Goods (D'oh), and providing yet another source of all that old goodness through their first collection of 10 glorious pieces.

Here's our faves so far :

Checkmate : Starting bids at only RM20, for the petite framed vintage lover. This Ever-so versatile piece will make your corporate/casual/event-filled day. Accessorize and pair it up with pants, or a tulle skirt for a punk-esque edge to it.

Chinese Daisy : Also starting bids at RM20 (as are the rest of the items in their collection), this piece is also versatile in a way where it fits any size in between XS to L. How wonderful!
We're loving the prints on this one!