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Saturday, August 30, 2008

PinkGincu - Bring on the Funk!

Ladies, Fella's,

Pink Gincu.

The brand new funkified retro themed e-shop with spunk!
Pink Gincu hasn't been open for long, but by the looks of it, they're doing very well. Two sisters dedicated to bringing you Your fashion obsessions, but with a twist!

Forget Gladiator Wedges, go for heels instead!

Pink Gincu keeps them well stocked, but watch out, they're selling out quick. But luckily, they have sizes for all you less-petite footed gals out there.

One step ahead of the trend : You thought Jelly Glads were great?

Well you're gonna fall for these babies...
The Glam Glad.
The modern Gladiator with a gothic-punkesque feel worthy of a dominatrix or um... Just your everyday walk around the mall... WITH ATTITUDE!

We love 'em.
Going for only RM65, and available in larger sizes (woohoo!)

Not only that, but they also have a selection of Tee's from back in the day. Remember when you actually got to see this on TV?

Thanks to technology, we don't.
Thanks to PinkGincu, you can now WEAR it to reminisce.
Comes in White, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Right, so we've covered what they've covered from whats in trend now, to whats glam, and what's retro... Lets feed a little bit of your punk-rocking cravings, shall we?

They call them Hop to the Rock.
I suppose nothing says I'm-a-retro-punk-rocker-hip-hop-gangsta better than Cassette Tapes printed all over your hoodie in colours like Red, Pink, Blue and Yellow.

They're running out fast!

Not to worry, girly girls, Pink Gincu has your fashion obsessions too...
Been looking for Charm bracelets?

Or flirty ruffled tops like this?

Click Click Ca-ching!

(click on the pictures to get linked to PinkGincu's pages.)