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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tailcoats at Sweet Innocence

Sweet Innocence is a new store that has barely over 10 items stocked at the moment.

Most of their items cater to girls who prefer a more feminine-cutesy look in pastel colours and soft materials. So if you're the sort, then this store would be one to keep an eye out for.

Thats not me.



Tailcoats? Yes, Tailcoats.

Looks like while everyone is slowly going through the 60's, they've decided to go ahead and jump straight into the 20's! Ingenious!

Now, a piece like this could really liven up any outfit. Be prepared to stand out in public places.
If you decide that you have the confidence (and courage) to carry this piece off, then I certainly would hope to see this in the streets.
Malaysia's street style is really lacking out there, and though the demand for quirky pieces is little, I think we could really use a breath of fresh air in the fashion scene, and I would recommend this to be the pioneer piece for all you one-off chics in vogue.

Although I don't completely agree on the ensemble that they decided to model it in, you don't necessarily have to put on a top hat and a cane to complement this piece. Heh.
Skinny jeans and a basic tank top should do the job, although if quirky is your thing, then a busy floral dress would do great to contrast the two.
Monocles are always fun, though. =P

Fits up to size 8(UK), made out of black satin, and has a pair of adjustable buckles on the sides for the perfect fit.

Such a statement for only RM65?
Shouldn't even have to consider.

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