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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sugar and Spice's Two Toned Dresses

I'm not usually one to vie for a one piece outfit trying to look like it's a two piece.
They're usually badly made, and the cuts never fit you.
Since the idea of it was to cut corners on the job, the materials never are up to standard, and well, it leaves you looking like a cheap mess.

On paper, however, the idea itself is pretty neat: A fashion forward ensemble for half the price.
Now the search begins for one of a decent quality.

Aaaand... Now the search ends.

I was thoroughly impressed with Sugar and Spice's Two Toned Dresses.
A corporate looking outfit that imitates a high waisted skirt and a sleeveless blouse with ample cleavage space, it hugs in the right places, it's of great quality and colour, and it comes in different materials and patterns.
Not just that, but the blue satin one (my favorite), is elegant and versatile enough to be a tube top AND a halter without looking like it's trying too hard, just by adjusting the ribbons in the front!

However, I would highly recommend that a waist clincher be put in place to hide the mid seam where the two materials meet.
But other than that,
Viola, a fashion forward outfit of quality, for the price of one.

Sugar and Spice!
Truly nice.

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