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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Like, Seriously.

Don't you just love Vintage Outfits?

Like, Totally.


Like, Seriously.


But really, we're like, seriously loving their latest offerings.

Check it!

I love these basic dresses. They never fail to give you this classic elegant feel that I so admire.
And what a wonderful twist it is in orange coral!
The thing with basic pieces are that they're not very easy to come by. The ones in good cuts never come in good materials, and the ones with lasting materials, well, vice versa.

I love that Like, Seriously models their outfits in a casual manner, where we can actually see the outfit being WORN, and not just modeled.
this dress seems to hug in all the right places (Great cut), and because it's modeled sitting down, we can see that it doesn't ride up or squeeze your insides out... Good job!
It's also looks like it's made out of a thick cotton or linen material, though it does need a little ironing (Great material! And yes, i super-zoomed...).

Great dress.

The Off-white Sleeveless Long Cotton Summer Dress : For Minimalistic casual days out - so Cottage-in-the-woods-Chic!
I'm still half-expecting little furry forest animals to run at the model like they would in a Disney cartoon! =P
RM 49!

Oh I want this. I want this so bad.
the Blue Stripe Long Knit Top...for Only RM39!
But if I had the cash for it (yes, it's cheap, but I'm that broke...), I wouldn't even be reviewing it, because it'll be Mine! Allll mine!
Too bad. I do hope it goes to someone who will treat it well!

The Printed Long Cheongsam Top...
Looks like some cheong sam maker from ancient china ran out of materials and ended up snagging some through a time warp after being abducted by aliens to a materials store in the 60's!
Too much?
Just buy the really awesome looking dress.
(For an ancient alien handled time travelling dress!? No way!)

I love the cut on this one.
Note how it sits high on the waist yet cuts into a 'V' and pleates slightly after the bum to create volume (bum enhancer?)
If you look even closer, you'll notice that it has a waistband as well, and buttons on the upper half.
The stripes look blue, but it's described as being charcoal, and the material looks like a thick cotton.
Make this a statement piece. Don't miss out.
Man, I want this one too... =(

(All pictures were linked to the same post because it's under the same one! Sorry gals, but you'll have to scroll down to find the piece you were looking for.)

Was this a depressing post?
I think it was. Too many great goods...Too great a price... Too much air in the wallet...