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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Be Unique at Scarlet Redz

Since they started in early August of this year, Scarlet Redz have been consistantly churning out great unique pieces at affordable prices.

They're simple, plain and unique, which scores extra points in my book. ;P

I've only discovered their store today, so here's what I have to say!

Let's have a look-see at the merchandise first...

Right, for starters, we have these three dresses that they call 'Sweeties', and indeed they are sweet. =)
In a previous article, I talked about how difficult it is to find good single piece imitations of two-piece ensembles, and here is another one.

This time around, they made use of elasticated waistbands and belt hoops, to give this piece not only a sure fit, but great versatility as you now also have the option to play with slim belts, as shown in the pictures.
Light ruffles on the top half of the waistband further give the illusion of separate pieces, which is a valuable detail to add, if not to give away the entire outfit.
They come in great colour combination's, and I'm guessing that the skirt ends with a bit of a bauble for additional volume.
The dresses are charged at RM43, but wait! They come with those lovely brown skinny belts as well!
Great for semi-formal occasions (or a first date!).

Drawstring Playsuits!
Overalls in light colours and materials, perfect for everyday wear.
Pair them with plain wifebeaters for a bit of a tomboy edge, or plain tee's for a more childlike appeal.
Another way to wear this would be on vacation with just your bikini underneath. Simple to wear and store without the hassle of carrying two pieces, and a great alternative to a dress.
Plus! They come in extra summer-y colours (Khaki, Bright Yellow, and Sunshine Yellow - Although they call one of them Mustard... I don't know which.)

They're on sale, too. RM40!

I personally like this piece because of their large, bold floral prints.
I keep seeing small floral prints, and I got bored, so this is fresh!
As usual, these types can be worn as skirts, dresses, long tops, or halters.
They're on sale (RM40), and only stocked with a few pieces.
The above dress is um...Green (looks blue to me?), and they also have them in Black and Red (A great hibiscus shade, too)
Another great vacation piece!

Sold out in all colours but blue!
A beautiful voluminous cotton skirt/dress with a great big bow on the waistband.
No wonder they're sold out!
Great if you're tired of seeing those scrunched up elasticated materials.
I really liked the nude-beige one.

A Rarity!
Wide legged shorts with suspenders and wooden buttons!?

All sold out!

Boo hoo!

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