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Monday, September 1, 2008

DoubleWoot's Quirky Appeal

Hellooo There All you Fashion Fanatics and Shopping Seniorita's!

If you love the fun and funky, the frilly and frivolous, and the flowy and flirtatious, 
You'll love DoubleWoot.

These gals stock everything from Retro themed designs, to Oriental Cuts, Floral prints to full on Tartan Dresses!

Today, we're here to review their latest offering : 
Straight from the bowels of the city of Hong Kong.

Monotoned, and complete with a odd shaped pattern that I can only describe as smeared raindrops on your car window screen, this quirky little retro marvel needs to be in your wardrobe, and heres why :
It's fun, it's fancy, and it's definitely far out.

And did ya notice that curious little patch of white?
From a distance, it looks like something's missing, but what a way to draw people in for a closer look (Oooh...), you'll see that this splat of white completes and complements the entire look, making you look like you've only just been wrapped in black and white smeared raindrops (eh?).

Without anything else than the pattern to speak for itself, you can jazz up the outfit or play it simple and classic with accessories and blazers and coats. 

Black and white, after all, goes with everything.

Non-Restockable, more measurements and details available on-site.

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