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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Revisiting Warholica and Incocobox!

Our Favourite stores have updated!
And we're loving what we're seeing, and we simply must share them.

First up, we have Warholica once more.
After our first post about them on the topic of Shoes, we've returned and found even better goodies from them. Not surprising, however! We knew that this would come!
Here are our fave's from their first and only apparel collection so far! :

I'm really liking what I see here, from the quirky little shirt dress from Forever 21, the Wooly Red Cardigan, to the last ensemble with the Yellow Embroidered Tunic. What a great model, too!

And check out these awesome custom made hand painted kicks that were modelled in the pictures! They're up for grabs too for only RM35! How crazy is THAT?!

Alright, next up is another favourite, Incocobox.
Although we've only recently featured them, they've been busy putting up even better stuff, so how can we resist not talking about them?

Ah, have a look for yourself and see if we're right!

Check out this Vintage Hand Embroidered Jacket!
The detail, the beading, the whole thing reminds us of a 'Traje de Luces', which was the elaborate costumes that the the Spanish Matadors (Bullfighters) would wear when they went into the ring!
It literally means 'Suit Of Lights', and why not? It's positively glowing to us, and I'm sure that it'll be lighting up any room that it's wearer walks into.
This baby is going for only SGD60, or in other words, RM138. Most of us are used to paying much less for our items, especially in Ringgits, but with a piece this intricate, I'd consider this pricing absolutely minimal!
Check out more details on-site by clicking on the pictures.

Bomber Jackets!?
Oh, you're just too much! =D
Real Leather, and I'm guessing that fur is no where near Faux, though.
I can't believe that this is going for only SGD23 aka. RM50!!!!!!!
Check it out on-site!

Lastly, are these Vintage Court Shoes.
If you own a vintage dress of any sort, why not pair it with these to complete the look?
What a classic look. Works best with petite feet in Size 5, and at RM39 ONLY (!!!), what better way to ooze 60's feminity!
Remember to Click on the pictures to view more details on-site!

And before we end, let me just post our gratitude to Incocobox once more, for not only blessing our retail deprived souls with great finds, but also, for Featuring The Reviewers in their very own post!
Check it!


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