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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Doolu-Doolu : The New Gals on the Block

Four girls, new to the online scene, step out to create something out of their passions.

They're new, and they've only got a few pieces to offer so far in their first collection on September the first, but oh...
Don't let them fool ya.

We were throughly impressed by the new in :

If I had to say something about their main selling point, it would be this :
Vintage outfits that don't make you look frumpy!

I can't tell ya how many times I've come across shops selling vintage goods that make you look like an old hag! 
Excuse my language, but honest! It's true!

Alas, Doolu-doolu offers a range of clothes that is what vintage dressing was all about in the first place : 
Looking Fashionably stylish in age-old ensembles. 

Girls, Just because a piece of cloth is 40 years old, doesn't mean you should put it on yourself...

Here are our faves from Doolu-Doolu :

This piece has got to be the favourite of the faves. They call it the Doolu 1901, I call it the Super-Intricate-Extra-Voluminous-Youthful-Elegant-Pattern Extravaganzaaaa!
Yeah. Their name was better.
It looks like someone decided to put together a mix of asian cultures together to create this beauty.
What a great piece, yeah? 
So great that it's all sold out.
Was going for RM50, though.
Okay, no more commentary or I'll just frustrate myself. click on the pictures to go straight to the site.

Ah, well, thats just about their entire collection... Whoops.
Can't blame us for liking you so much, though.
And we know now for a fact that it's not just us! They're all sold out! 

Save for one piece :

The Doolu 1906 for only RM35.

So here's the verdict :
A Great combination of Quality Photography, details shots, Great Merchandise, even better Prices (nothing over RM50), and a fun model.

Definitely one to visit and to keep watch on for future offerings.


Side note : 
Often time, shops mistake these key elements and just pass them off as nothing. But I believe that it's so important that you portray yourself, your goods, as well as your clothes in the best manner available, to create an identity, but to also make them look inviting and salable. Plus, you'll be doing a great justice to the clothes you're selling, as well as to your customers as they deserve to know (and see) exactly what they'll be buying. And you'll reduce any chances of complaints, too.
Detail shots should include details. There's a little macro button on your camera. Use it. 
As for models, a gal looking like she's having a lot of fun always sells. And in more ways than one!
This store, and the others in recent reviews, have been great examples of a great store. 

Yours Truly,
The Raving Reviewer.