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Friday, September 5, 2008

Giggling Along with My Closet Giggles!

Fedora Hats!

No Way!
Yes way!

And the good stuff, too!
All at My Closet Giggles!

We've been to many a site, scouring through pages and pages of merchandise, some worth sharing, others not. This, however, is indeed worth sharing!
And not a minute too soon! Since we're often late to review shops, it seems that we're finally on time! In fact, they haven't even launched yet!

That's right folks, these Quality Fedora's are still waiting to be launched. Still to come : Checks, Colours, and Box patterns... And when they do, we'll be here to cover it all for ya.

We've seen them on the heads of every tabloid worthy celeb, from Brit brit to Keira.
Quick, I'd start emailing them now!

P.S : I've seen other stores stocking fedora's, and they haven't been able to really get the cut or the pattern just right, especially that oh-so-crucial upturned edge. So I'd really suggest running over to My Closet Giggles now to be one of the pioneers in this trend before it gets all cliched up ala. Gladiators with cheap imitations etc. Another place I've seen these before were in Topman, but as you know, the exchange rate would be busting our beautiful wallets flat, so let's just wait and see what these gals have to offer. =)

Speaking of Topshop price terrors, here's another quick fix from My Closet Giggles.

Classy Ruffled tops. Insta-Sophistication in four glamorous colours!
(Ze white one is tempting me a wee bit...)

I remember trying on the Topshop one in electric blue. Admiring it in the mirror, checking the price tag, freaking out, and getting off me as fast as possible.

If any of you gals know what I'm talking about, then fret no more!
It's now available for only RM45.

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