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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wood + Tooth & Bone

" Jewelry and Such. "

Friggin' GORGEOUS Jewelry and such, if you ask me!

Wood + Tooth & Bone is a delight to anyone who's a fan beautiful things.

From absolutely breathtaking photography, great presentation, and wonderful write-up's, this store has got you covered.

Now, they stock absolute gems from around the world. From Thailand to Russia, Mexico and Iran, their intricate pieces are the stuff of family heirlooms.
Just take a look at their striking silver pieces and Swarovski pendents :

Here are some necklaces and other pieces from their collection, all presented to you in a classic packaging :

Now, price-wise, I don't know if the crowd reading this review site is at all used to paying above RM60 on their online purchases ('cept for that to-die-for maxi, or the ever-rare gladiator), but I think as far as the entire site of Wood + Tooth & Bone goes, you know that you're paying for absolute luxuries of the highest possible quality.

There is a crowd out there who wouldn't mind the price tag, and this I say to them :
As much as I'd love to promote their site by telling you to go out and buy them out, I'd much rather you wait, and be sure that you'd appreciate the piece that you decide on, and take your time to be sure that you'd absolutely regret it for your entire lifetime if you didn't have it in your possession... Then go get it. =)

Because the one thing that I absolutely can't stand more than bad shops, are good shops that people can't appreciate.

So in the end, I really hope that these great pieces find their way into good hands that will last them a few generations down the road.


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k-k-khaylis said...

hello! thank you for reviewing w+t&b, am v. chuffed :)