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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Poll! THE POLL!!!


We've heard your cry.

You want real world online events happening in Penang.

Bazaars, Street Markets, Daytime entertainment, Shopping Parties...

You want the thrill of meeting your seller on delivery, and receiving your stuff in the same day.

You want cheaper postage fees!

A community within our island for online shoppers!!!


The Reviewers brings you...


Click away at the link above, and take the poll!

We realize that the online community here in Penang is bustling and booming, and We want to be a part of the pioneering events to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

Take the Penang Poll so we know what YOU think, and what YOU want!

Our mission : To create a wider awareness to our Penangite community to push online shopping over the edge, and having the time of our lives!

And of course : Fuller Pockets, and Fuller Closets.

Come be a part of the excitement with The Reviewers : The Penang Poll!