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Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Sh*t is Banana's, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

"Clothes that make you go BANANAS!"

And bananas we are indeedeedoo!

The Bouncing Bananas, dudes and dudettes.

They're a jack of all trades in their arena, selling everything from dresses to awesome print tee's, scarves, pixellates and souped up shutter shades!

Our faves?

Looks like pixellates are here to stay! We know we love them, and you do too!
How can you not with the variety of colours and designs to choose from, handmade with love, and they're even customizable!
The Bouncing Bananas, however, bring something new to the table!
3D Pixellates! Now why didn't I think of that earlier?!
These are available on their sister project, Dwotties! Click on the link or the pictures to get there!

Printed Tee's, Oh!
How'd they know I can't resist Marvin?
For RM25, neither can you! And it's no surprise that they're...Yup, you guessed it.
All Sold Out!

Blinded Shutters, aka. Shutter Shades in new colours!
Non restockable going for RM25!

A simple yet extremely versatile piece that can be worn as a sleeveless or strappy dress, or even a high waisted skirt. It's got pockets, and it's smocked behind for a great fit. Wear it under or over other tops, a crucial asset if layering is your thing!
Available in Blue, Black, Green (!) and White.
All out, but I'm sure they'll restock quick if you ask pwetty pwease!

Simple lacy tops and Clutches too!

More great dresses, but all sold out! So make sure you stay tuned to The Bouncing Bananas for their bouncing updates that sure to make you go bananas!

P.S : We're having trouble getting to the individual item posts, so we linked ya'll to the main page in every picture. Scroll all the way down to look for what you like, and maybe even find an item or two that's hopefully restockable in the process!

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