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Monday, September 1, 2008

An Update from The Reviewers :

Hi Everyone,
The Raving Reviewer here.

We're flattered by the overwhelming influx of stores requesting by reviews, however, we've decided to switch it up a little, and cut back on our reviewing.


Well, since The Reviewers began, we've decided to only review sites that truly appeal to us, so that our articles remain genuine and passionate.

Because of this, a single review can cost us a lot of time and energy, and we want them to remain as fresh, witty, and exciting as we portray them to be. Too many reviews can cost us what we stand for, so we've decided to keep our reviewing to a minimal (Three reviews a day, MAX.)

Plus, we're really bad liars.

So all you gals who are trying to get reviewed here, we've already turned some down, and we've already reviewed a few, do understand, but the option is always open to those who want to write their OWN reviews.

In fact, it is highly recommended since The Reviewers are a COLLECTIVE reviewing site, and since we've only had one reviewer so far (aka. me.), we'd like to reduce the amount of coverage so that other people would have the chance to cover them.

So tell all your friends and family who love shopping and writing, to stop by The Reviewers! And we'll definitely have more articles up very soon. =)

We hope you understand, and thank you very much to all those who have taken an interest in being reviewed here on The Reviewers!
Keep those requests coming in as we'll still be keeping a lookout, but we'll only feature the very best at the top of our list!

As to all those shops who already have been reviewed, we hope that you enjoyed our articles and we'll be staying tuned!

Best Regards,
The Raving Reviewer!

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