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Monday, September 1, 2008

Stitch Project's Bombastic Buttons!

We're loving what we're reading from the Stitch Project's latest collection of awesome little statement badges!
They're leaving us in Stitches!

Here, take a look at some of our FAVES :

And hey! They go International with their shipping!
Although payments can only be made via PayPal, they're going for RM4/USD1.50!
All you non-PayPal shoppers and shop owners, get with the program!
It's the safest way to do your transactions (Owned by eBay!)!

Next, is an older collection from The Stitch Project :
Shutter Shades ala. Kanye West!

They certainly look like they're having fun posing for us!
Anyway, these are mostly sold out since they've been out from the 14th. There are a few more pairs left of the adorable heart shaped ones (as modelled by cousin it...), that you can grab NOW for only RM18!

Did I forget to mention that they're specially flown in from Hong Kong?