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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Haha, we only named it such because it sounded cool.

It doesn't?

Well nevermind.

We think Wears and What Not's latest offerings are!

Mademoiselles, meet The Senorita!
A multi-functional, multi-leveled, multi coloured wonder!

Wear it as a low waist skirt!

Or, a High Waist Skirt!
(And notice that the elasticated section is slimmer than the others around, so you can easily conceal it with a wide waist clincher!)

Or even a Dress!
This one makes me laugh. It looks like what Jerry Seinfeld wore whilst promoting The Bee Movie... Teehee. >_<

I like their colour combination's, too.

And check out what else they've got :

The Pashi Cardi!

It's cool, casual, and comfortable.
It's simple, yet sophisticated, and that all depends on what you pair it with.
It's going for RM45, and it's restockable!

The Multi-way Halter!
I like this very much.
The cut says posh, but the material says casual-comfy.

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