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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In Coco Box : Boosts your endorphin levels!

We recently found this site while shopping and getting linked around :

They're a Singaporean Blog Shop started by a Malaysian who's now residing there, that caters to both the Singaporean and Malaysian market, and let me tell ya, their stuff, is, amazing. I still can't get that smile off my face from being in such a pleasant mood since I arrived at this store (is it just me, or do you guys get it too?)

After all these vintage shops, it's nice to see some Retro going around. More of the 70's-80's than the 60's-40's.

I mean, what other shop carries a Polaroid camera!? You can't get more retro than THAT.
The only trouble with that is that Polaroid recently shut down (WHYYYYY!?!?!) and thus, you won't be getting any film, but this baby comes equipt with 5 pieces of 600 films for some experimentation. But I'd just spend the money for the novelty.
(eg. I've got a Polaroid and yooou don't...Nyeh Nyeh.)

Here are some of their more traditional retail offerings :

We're Loving this 80's MC's Jacket, as well as the Thunder Yellow Blazer right up there.
Go check them out! All these are still very much available, and it'll do you some good to have something a little different in your wardrobe.


incocobox said...

Thank you very much The Reviewer! It's our honor to be here. =D
We'll keep up to hunt for more funky items.

p/s: I'm Malaysian located in Singapore now. =^_^=

The Raving Reviewer said...

Hey there, you're very welcome! We'll be keeping an eye on you guys. And what a lucky gal you are! I love the city. Anyway, I'll add in that additional detail for ya.

The Raving Reviewer