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Friday, September 12, 2008

Going Corporate Crazy!

Hey Ya'll! Long time no review!

Well, here I am again, the Raving Reviewer, back for more reviews. But wait! There's a twist!

Today's few articles will consist of a couple of mass reviews. We've strayed from our retail literary indulgences over the past few days, and we jumped back in, we were greeted by a whirlwind of great grabs! So this article will be about a couple of stores currently selling corporate wear, which include RUFFLED TOPS and HIGH WAISTED SKIRTS!!!

Excited? I am!

Here we go!
(Click on the pictures to get linked!)

First up! Ancient Orchids, with their work-esque ensembles.

Check out these two outfits. One says modern day she-boss, the other cries chic breadwinner!
Whichever way you interpret it, these outfits carry just enough sass and style to make yourself stand out in boring office cuts. Get noticed and get paid in an Ancient Orchids ensemble!

A positively popping high waisted skirt!
Notice the slim emphasis on the cutting. Pair this piece with anything from work wear to dinner/cocktail events! Purrrfect for the work AND after-work!

The pirate blouse, on the other hand, may not be totally suitable for high end corporate circles, but it's sure a comfy way to go to work if your circumstances allow! Besides it's versatile enough to allow a skinny mini and a slim clincher to transform it into just the formal fashionista wear (with a twist) that you need!


Right! Next Up : Fashion Unleashed!
A new store, and we're loving them already!

An elegant kimono-inspired semi-formal dress in a silk velveteen material!
Dresses are always great for the workplace (or any other place, for that matter). As a female, that's one of our best aesthetic assets when it comes to apparel!
A simple slip on to transform your entire look, and what better way, when you're just not all that inspired in the wee hours before the daily grind. Accessorize, and play with minimal makeup, and you're out the door! (Right before the decaf soy latte and the yogurt bar, of course!)

What more can I say? It's a great cut, it's a great statement, and it's going at ONLY RM35...!
Why wait?
PLUS, you can get the entire look!
Skirt is going for RM45.

Oh I LOVE these high waisted ribboned skirts!
They're so casual chic, yet can be worked into something wearable in the workplace!


Kisssss and Tell makes available more of the classic mid-waist mini's, which they say 'enhances what needs to be enhanced' and that you'd better be 'prepared to seduce the opposite sex in the workplace'!


Well, now you've ABSOLUTELY got to have this one!

Comes with a sash, and retails at RM45! Non-restockable!

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