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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ancient Orchids are getting Noisy for us!

Trendy Lovee's Nerdalicious Geekers
It's crazy to know that this shop is run by a 14 and 15 year old...


What caught our eye were these Glassless Geek Specs.
Too bad they're Singaporean and only ship in that area.

*Illegal post, I know, since The Reviewers is about all things Malaysian, but I just couldn't resist! Besides, I've yet to see a pair of tweens run a blog shop here in the M-to-tha-Sia.*


Soooo... This post had to piggy back on the Ancient Orchids post, which, out of respect, I will not post any pictures referring to the shop above to distract from AO.

What. A. Catch.
It certainly caught our eye!
An fascinatingly unusual combination of noisy abstract colours, matched with the modern oriental kimono sleeved cut. It IS indeed a Fresh way to wear it, Ancient Orchids! Good on ya for carrying this beauty!

They're restocking too, so send in your orders by This Sunday, and you'll be stealing the show wherever you go in this wearable masterpiece.

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