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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Favourite Boutique! (and a Fedora Update!)

We're sorry to announce the Fedora update so late, but My Closet Giggles has finally launched their Fedora collection!

Check it! (We're loving that vest, too)

Right, so what's the deal with this 'Favourite Boutique' then, eh?

Well, they're a new blog shop, and we were rather surprised to find these great pieces from them. Now I'm going to rush things a little, because there's quite a lot to cover.
Have a look yourself!

Denim Overalls! Schweet!
And check out this awesome turquoise dress! It's plain, it's simple, it's sexy, and it can be paired with almost anything! (Really digging the belt. For sale? Yes? No? I dunno???)

Now is this pattern considered checked, plaid, or somewhere in between?
Whatever, it's so country funky. Come in two great colours, and I'm loving it!

High Waisted checkered skirt? Totally.
Spicy red tulle dress? Definitely.

I absolutely love the cut of the dress on the far left, and this chinese collar vest in the middle. Pair it with everyday wear to totally transform your look. It's almost Boho. And what about this floral crocheted dress?

What I love most about Favourite Boutique, is that they stock mostly simple pieces, and basics are the stuff we love. They're plain enough to be worn alone and get noticed, but versatile enough to be paired with a bunch of accessories and become a transformable statement, and that's definitely an asset to have as part of your wardrobe. I find their prices extremely resonable, as you know that these are pieces that you can wear a hundred different ways, so it's definitely worth the budget.

Since there are so many pictures to be linked, we've linked them all to the main page, so you can have a look at the other items that they're offering as well as you scroll.

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