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Monday, September 1, 2008

Kissing and Telling Waist Clinchers!

Since we've posted up two articles regarding two toned dresses, or single-piece dress imitations of two piece ensembles, it's only fitting that we bring you an article with the single best pairing available for it.

Thats right, Waist Clinchers.

Not just any waist clinchers, but waist clinchers from Kiss and Tell!

Here's why you should get them :
Kiss and Tell not only offer great clinchers, but they also CUSTOM their clinchers so you'll have a purrrfect fit, no matter what size you are.

They have two designs in a variety of colours.

First: The Royal Clincher,

Red is non-restockable, though brown and cream are.
Made of some sort of velvety feeling material.
The lastest update is that Red is all sold out! And if you're interested, quick! Make your orders for the Brown and Cream before this Friday!
More information on-site. Click on the pictures!

The Regular Clinchers in Red, Brown, White and Black : All available!
And totally custom modifiable!
See Below.

Click the pictures to get linked to the site!

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