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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Shoplifters : Lifting The Bar for Online Shops!

We got an email.
We visited the site.

We were sold.

The Shoplifters.

We love the well stocked Beaut's that they carry.
We love the variety of themes that go on throughout the week (Vintage Wednesdays, Neue Fashion Tuesdays and DIY Thursdays).
We love their detailed descriptions of their Vintage dresses, because indeed every piece calls for one. People often forget that they're actually wearing antiques that carry a story with them. Rely on The Shoplifters to tell it to you.
We love that they take care of every detail, and that they are well linked. Including the Shoplifter's Guide to Bidding, and elaborations on their running themes.

The Shoplifters has really gotten us sprung on their collections. In fact, they seem to have the same effect on most people too, and thus they sell out quickly.
Get ready to hone your online banking skills with them.

Here are our faves :

- Still Available Pieces -

This piece is Only Available in Yellow and Blue!
It can be worn as a dress, (as seen on the purple one) or a top (as seen on the yellow).
It's a definite show stopper and a great way to show off your assets (read : The one in front, and the one behind.)
So appropriately named as The Agnie Stripes Bow Mini Dress!
Going for only RM35!

Now THIS is a fun piece.
Looks like the model is having fun doing her 'thang, as well!
Named The Goddess Gown, and it wouldn't have been any more well suited, what with the fine embroidery details and satin sash!
It also boasts a quality cotton and rayon inner lining that will definitely feel great against your skin.
Perfect for any occasion, including dinner parties and picnics at the park.
And what's more, the price has been marked down by RM10, to a rockin' grand total of only RM85!

- Sold Out Pieces! Boo! -

A great guide to the type of things to come, and why you should stay tuned to The Shoplifters!

The Peter Polka Romper

The Lola Flora

The Swanky Isabelle